A wide range of interesting cultural activities will be held in Da Nang between 24 September and 5 October to coincide with the 5th Asia Beach Games (ABG5). The intention is to advertise the city’s image to domestic and foreign tourists.

Impressive ‘Bai Choi’ (singing while acting as playing cards) performances will take place on the pavement of Tran Hung Dao at the eastern end of the Rong (Dragon) Bridge at 7pm on 24 and 25 September, and on 1 and 2 October. Participation fee is 20,000 VND per person.

At 7.30pm on 25 September, visitors will be treated to excerpts from famous Tuong plays, performed by artistes from the Nguyen Hien Dinh Tuong Theatre, at the eastern end of the Han River Bridge.

The ‘Ngay Hoi Mien Bien’ (Coastal Festival) will be held at the Whale Temple near the intersections of Vo Nguyen Giap and Vo Van Kiet at 3.30pm on 1 October. The event will accurately recreate the daily lives of local fishermen, including fishing activities, coracle racing, and tug-of-war. At 4.00pm on 30 September, the ‘Dem My Khe’ (My Khe Beach Night) will take place at the eponymous venue.

A book exhibition will take place at the Da Nang General Science Library between 24 September and 5 October. On display will be books introducing Viet Nam’s history, geography, economy, culture, cuisine, and beautiful attractions. Documents will be displayed which prove the country’s legitimate sovereignty over its sea and islands.

An exhibition featuring impressive photos of Da Nang’s tourist attractions will be held at the Bien Dong (East Sea) Park in Son Tra District between 24 September and 3 October.

At 8.00pm on 25 September and 1 October, street parades of live music and dancing will take place along a section of Tran Hung Dao between the Rong (Dragon) Bridge and its intersection with Nguyen Thong. The parades will introduce the traditional costumes of Viet Nam, and of the other participating countries at ABG5.

On 2 October, a food festival will be held at the Tran Restaurant on 4 Le Duan.

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