This is possibly the most beautiful street in Danang. Simply take a stroll along the street to have a quick view of all the bridges, Cham museum, Han market, City Hall and other interesting places.

The Museum’s first building was opened in 1919, but many Cham sculptures collected in Danang, Quang Nam and elsewhere were brought to the site over the preceding twenty years. The collection was begun by French archaeologists and experts from ÉCOLE FRANCAISE D’EXTRÊME-ORIENT (EFEO). Some artifacts were sent to Paris and others to the Ha Noi and SaiGon (now Ho Chi Minh City) museums, but many typical objects were left in Tourane (now Danang).

The house is entirely similar to the one in Hanoi capital. There are an orchard and an aquarium in its fresh and attractive campus. Many tourists visit this site when coming to the city.

The three-floor museum house more than 2,500 photos and artifacts, more than 1,900 of which are original and have been collected from Danang and neighboring areas since national reunification in 1975. Admission is free and the museum opens every day except Mondays, from 8.00am to 11.30am and 2.00pm to 4.30pm.

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Known to locals as Con Ga Church (Rooster Church) because of the weather-cock on top of the steeple, the candy-pink Danang Cathedral was built for the city’s French residents in 1923. Today it serves as a Catholic community of 4000-its standing room only if you arrive late.

Situated on a hill, Linh Ung pagoda – Bai But, the Son Tra Peninsula newly inaugurated, is not only seen as works in bold, marking the development of Buddhism in Vietnam in the twenty-first century, but also a spiritual meeting place of heaven and earth.

Further along the coast towards Son Tra Peninsula (also known as Monkey Mountain), you’ll see Da nang’s main fishing village. Despite the city’s modernization, fisher folk still use traditional methods and rattan basket boats to make their catch. Venture down to the beach at sunset to get an up close view of the fish for sale. The locals are sociable and full of smiles but prepare your nose for the stench of fish.

There are 30 kms of beaches stretching from Danang all the way down to Hoi An and even further south. As you would expect, the beaches further from the city are best, particularly Danang Beach near the Marble Mountain area. All of the beaches are rarely crowded and most of them have some forms of seating and umbrellas for rent.

My Khe Beach is recognized as one of the most ideal beach of Da Nang City, attracting many locals and tourists alike. It is a nine-kilometer stretch of smooth sand with an average width between 50m and 70m.

The Marble Mountains or Non Nuoc are actually five granite peaks. They are a great half day trip from Danang or as a stopover on the way to Hoi An. There are caves to explore, temples and lots of stairs. The drinks and trinket sellers can get a little annoying but the climb up to the top is worth it and there are plenty of photo opportunities.

Located in Hoa Hiep ward, Lien Chieu district is Bac My An beach. It is said that Nam O means at the south of the ancient O territory (Nam: south, O: O territory). From Nam O beach, one can ride a boat westwards on Cu De river, acts an ecological tour to a ward of minority people in Hoa Bac, Hoa Vang district. Coming into being in early of the 1960s, Nam O beach was used by local people. But now some houses on stilts were built for tourism.

Cut out of the mountainous terrain of Truong Mountain Range, this is a pass lying in between Lang Co Beach and Danang. A glance from the top of Hai Van Pass, Danang is breath taking and mesmerizing. A stop by the pass will allow you a beautiful glance of the Hai Van Pass, Danang and would fill you with unknown pleasures.

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Ba Na has recently undergone a few changes, notably a world record setting cable car, the world’s highest and longest nonstop cable car.

With its 10 km in length, Lang Co Beach bordered a section of the 1A nation Highway, nearly Hai Van pass and 24km from Bach Ma area. With its gradually sloping, white sand beach, the average depth of under 1m and the average temperature in the bathing season of 25oC, Lang Co is an ideal beach for tourists.

My Son was an imperial city during the Cham dynasty, between the 4th and 12th centuries. My Son Sanctuary is a large complex of religious relics that comprises more than 70 architectural works. They include temples and towers that connect to each other with complicated red brick designs. The main component of the Cham architectural design is the tower, built to reflect the divinity of the king.

Hoi An, an exceptionally well-preserved example of a traditional Asian trading port, is an outstanding material manifestation of the fusion of cultures over time in an international maritime commercial center. The town is a special example of a traditional trading port in South-East Asia which has been completely and assiduously preserved: it is the only town in Vietnam that has survived intact in this way. Most of the buildings are in the traditional architectural style of the 19th and 20th centuries. They include many religious buildings, such as pagodas, temples, meeting houses, etc., which relate to the development of a port community. The traditional lifestyles, religion, customs and cooking have been preserved and many festivals still take place annually.

Some 15 kilometers off shore from Hoi An, Cham Island is surrounded by 7 small islands. You will discover religious relics dating back 3,000 years, an abundance of plants and animals, a year-round cool climate, seafood, coral, and spectacual beaches. It is also renowned for its salanganes (swallows), whose nests are a source of revenue to the local people, that can be seen on a clear day on the hills of the islands. A visit to relax on the beach, swim and snorkel, or go trekking and canoeing.

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