In March, Danang is entertaining many tourists and locals with many exciting events. Check out the most interesting Danang Events in March 2019!

The Vietnam Biggest Tulip Festival At Sun World Ba Na Hills
Time: 14/02 – 31/03/2019

Over 1 million tulips will bloom in the colorful and unique landscape on the Peak of Nui Chua Nature Reserve, at Sun World Ba Na Hills. The massive landscape of tulip surely will be the unforgettable experience for the guests at the Vietnam biggest tulip festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Hanami Festival: Enjoying sakura – Welcoming luck
Time: 22/02 – 25/03/2019
Spring is a magical season when the sky and the land harmonize, the trees are blooming. This is an ideal time to travel with your friends and family, bringing love and luck to all your beloveds. Hoi An Impression is welcoming all visitors will a colorful atmosphere and many series of festivities.

Contemporary Art Exhibition : Bridge
Time: 20/03 – 20/04/2019
The exhibition introduces to the public 35 unique paintings and multimedia installation works created by the American Artist Mark Cooper and the French-Vietnamese artist Vu Trong Thuan.

Avalokitesvara Festival
Time: 22/03 – 24/03/2019
Every spring, together with many festivals throughout the country , Avalokitesvara Festival – Ngu Hanh Son is a large-scale cultural community activity, preserving and improving traditional highlights of the country.

This is also an opportunity to promote the image and tourism products of the city to international and domestic tourists to Danang. This year, the festival will continue to follow Buddhist ceremonies and traditional festivities, an ideal destination for locals and tourists this spring.

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