Many interesting events will be hold from December 2016 to January 2017 to welcome New Year 2017 and mark 20th anniversary of Da Nang’s recognition as a centrally-governed city




Photos Exhibition 28 Dec 2016 – 30 Dec 2016 Western area of Dragon Bridge (Opposite Museum of Cham Sculpture)
26 Dec 2016 – 06 Jan 2017 Da Nang Museum, Tran Phu street
Count Down Event to celebrate New Year 2017 19h30, 31 Dec 2016 29-3 Square, 2-9 Street
Food and Culture Festival 06 Jan 2017 – 08 Jan 2017 Old Da Nang harbour area, Bach Dang Street (Opposite Novotel)
Fireworks Display on Da Nang Beach to celebrate New Year 2017 31 Dec 2016 Pham Van Dong beach – East Sea Park area
Car decoration for parades 31 Dec 2016 night and 01 Jan 2017 night Main street around Da Nang city
Motor and sport bicycle parades 15h00 31 Dec 2016 Tran Thi Ly bridge, Han River bridge and main street around Da Nang city
Sound display at Dragon Bridge Updating Dragon Bridge

Count down party 31 Dec 2015 (photos: internet)

Car decoration for parades (photos: internet)

Da Nang photos exhibition (photos: internet)

Source: Da Nang Department of Tourism

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