Nhu Minh Plaza – 4 star hotel in Da Nang, where you can find everything you need to feel like home while you are traveling. Beyond the elegance atmosphere, the comfortable fittings in luxury designed guest rooms and the breath-taking view from your window – it’s the people of Nhu Minh Plaza Da Nang Hotel who will make your experience truly exceptional.

Located three minutes’ walk from My Khe Beach, which is actually chosen as one of the six most attractive beaches on the planet by Forbes, and with close distance to most of city’s famous destination, 4 stars Nhu Minh Plaza Da Nang hotel will be your perfect choice.

This Da Nang Beach Hotel included 90 rooms and apartment which are 100% wood-paneled interior, modern equipment to satisfy the increasing demand of travelers. All rooms are well equipped with the latest technology and luxurious amenities to satisfy business and leisure travelers alike.
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SĐT: 0906 493 329 ( Viber) Zalo: 0947 083 082- Email: nguyentanqua@gmail.com

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